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The Financial Butler

Trust, Clarity and Loyalty

The Financial ButlerĀ is a comprehensive independent financial planning and wealth management service which is available to a limited number of clients.


  • Individuals or families who do not have the time to plan and manage their finances to their maximum potential.
  • Retirees, Widows, Widowers and Divorcees who require capital growth and/or income from existing assets or capital sums.

We passionately believe in empowering the clients we work with, to plan and make the right financial decisions for them and their family.

We work with those who are seeking financial independence through saving and investing and those who have reached financial independence but now need to maintain or grow their income from those assets whilst maintaining their value.

We want our clients to be able to sleep easy at night knowing where their money is invested and, where relevant, how they will receive their income. They will receive regular updates of how their plans are progressing.

Benjamin Franklin once said

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Our plans need to be flexible and able to react to changing personal circumstances and also changes in taxation and legislation.

We have no products or funds of our own and our fees are agreed and paid by our clients so we are totally independent. We also do not hold client money.

Since 1980, Delta Financial Management has given high quality financial planning advice to a diverse range of clients which has given us a broad knowledge base to draw experience from.

With offices in Hertfordshire and Central London we are conveniently located    

Fees for the service start at £5,000 per annum

A full analysis of your assets and income requirements will be required. 

Your advisory team may also can encompass your solicitor, accountant and fund manager.

The Financial Butler is provided by Delta Financial Management plc. who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What will the service cover?

A flexible plan encompassing the three main parts of financial planning; Protecting, Saving and Investing.

  • Cash flow management (i.e. making sure your investment income matches or exceeds your expenses).

 Tax Planning:

  • Minimising Income Tax
  • Minimising Capital Gains Tax
  • Minimising Inheritance Tax

 Monitoring and overview:

  • Regular review meetings
  • Changes to legislation
  • Due Diligence on investment managers

 Information to third parties:

  • Details to your accountant each year for tax return and tax planning purposes
  • Details to your solicitor for estate planning purposes

 Advice in other key areas**

  • Wills
  • School fees planning
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • General Insurance (Motor, Household)
  • Mortgage advice
  • Banking advice
  • Major asset purchases, property, cars etc

** These services may be provided by third party companies which we have worked closely with in the past and conducted due diligence on their services.