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British Airways Pension scheme

Whilst not affiliated or associated with British Airways directly, Delta Financial Management has been advising BA employees since 2002 regarding the four main schemes, APS, NAPS, BARP and BAPP

With ever more complex rules around the Annual Allowance, Lifetime Allowance and the different accrual rates, we have been able to help members navigate through and provide some clarity around their options.

Some members come to us looking for advice regarding the benefits and drawbacks around potentially transferring their benefits. We strongly believe that a transfer out of a final salary scheme should be viewed with the same level of care and diligence as medical surgery, not something to rush into without full consideration. We have a four stage process over a number of months to guide members through their options and to thoroughly discuss their aims and objectives.

The Closure of APS and NAPs has also added uncertainty to those planning their retirement, so we are here to provide fully independent financial planning advice to those who need it.